RTEC's flexible RFID laundry tags are designed for commercial and industrial textile applications. This tag is extremely rugged and flexiable, it can be read from an extended range and still provides the most accurate data within. Customers can use it for tracking large quantity of textile assets while keeping their costs low, improving management efficiency.


RF Specification
IC Chip Alien Higgs3
Frequency Ultra High Frequency
Air Protocol EPC C1 Gen2
Read range Up to 2m
Mechanical Specification
Tag materials Environmental silicon
Surface materials High performance epoxy resin
Laundry series 34x16x2.2 (1.5g)
55x10x2.2 (1.5g)
40x24x2.2 (2.6g)
Attachment Sewing, Heat-Sealing, Super adhesive
Environmental Resistance
Heat Resistance Drying: 85℃ (Up to 60min.), 160℃ (Up to 10 min.)
Ironing: 200℃ (Up to 10sec.)
Operating Temperature -30℃ to 85℃
Washing method Laundry, Dry cleaning
Chemical resistance Detergent Softner, Bleach etc.
Protection class IP68
Estimated lifetime 200 washing cycles or 3 years